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From: Kevin Dahl

"Convert Documents To PDF Online!"

What are PDF files?

PDF or Portable Document Format is recognized as the best electronic document format for the internet, emails, CD-ROMs and archiving. PDF documents are used by every industry and work on any computer platform.

PDF files are a document's printed material in electronic format. PDF files can be viewed and printed with all the fonts, graphics and formatting of the original printed document.

PDF files can be viewed and printed on any operating system, including Unix, Linux, and the Mac using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. When you create a PDF with PDF4U you are creating a PDF that is compatible with the Adobe Acrobat Reader and other third party PDF tools.

If you have a Word, PowerPoint, or any number of other document types, we can help you create a PDF online. You don't need to spend a lot of money to convert just a few documents to PDF.

How Does PDF4U Work?

PDF4U provides two easy ways to create PDF documents online?

  1. Upload documents directly from your computer to our server. With this method you can:
    • Use any computer in the world with Internet access
    • Convert Word, PowerPoint, and Postscript documents to PDF
    • And never have to download any software!
    Once uploaded, we create your PDF document and send it to the email address you specify.

  2. Download and install our Free PDF4U Printer for flexibility. Use the PDF4U Printer to:
    • Convert ANY type of document to PDF – If you can print it, we can convert it!
    • Save time by keeping your browser closed. There’s no need to navigate to our site – the PDF4U Printer takes care of it all!

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Here are the ADVANTAGES of using PDF4U:

  1. Easy to use: If you can click your mouse, you can create a PDF document.

  2. Low Cost: Adobe charges $249 for their product.

  3. No Learning Curve: If you can upload or print a document, you can use PDF4U.

  4. Use Any Computer: If you have an Internet connection you can upload your document from any computer.

  5. Convert Any type of document to PDF: Use the PDF4U Printer to convert any document type to PDF. If you can print it, PDF4U can convert it.

  6. No Upgrades: You don't have to worry about upgrades. If our conversion servers are upgraded, you automatically receive the results. Nothing to do on your part, totally worry free!

What's the price to convert documents with PDF4U?

That's a great question and I'm glad you asked. Unlike other online services that charge you by the document, PDF4U is a free service to convert documents.